Global Mandiri Transindo “Your Reliable Partner”

PT. GLOBAL MANDIRI TRANSINDO ( GMT ) is an International Freight Forwarding company located in Jakarta, Indonesia and established since 2011
With our experiences in handling all ranges of shipment and supported by our professional staffs, we committed to ensure the swift, reliable and secure international delivery of your goods to your customers and intended recipients.

Service is, without exception, our first priority . We highly maintain our company’s Integrity to provide the best service and after sales service to satisfy our customer needs. We are ready and pleased to serve you 24/7 and will always work hard to give you the best competitive price possible and save your cost on every shipment wherever possible

We simply not just your vendor, we are your reliable partner. Our team of friendly, professional industry experts are committed to working with our customers to understand every detail of your shipping needs so that we can create a tailor-made solution for you that is truly bespoke.

GMT has listed on 4 top international Freight Forwarding Alliance :

INFA (Indonesia Freight Forwarder Association )
FIATA (The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations )
OFN ( Octopus Freight Network )
X2 Logistics Network.

Supported by our alliance , We have built strong relationships with a global network of agents at ports and airports worldwide, so we can deliver anywhere in the world. Our extensive and flexible range of services means you can trust us with every aspect of your shipment. Above everything else, we understand that your delivery schedules are important. We will always give you professional and honest advice and utilize our global network of contacts to give you the best possible freight service.

We’ll guide you seamlessly through the shipping processes always giving you real value – on both money and service. We’ll always answer delivery requests promptly and provide all inclusive pricing with one point of contact for all of your enquiries

If you require a quick, competitive, freight quotation, feel free to contact us [email protected]


Our Mission is to become “Your Reliable Partner”. This make us strive so hard to get the job done with the best premium service, and of course with competitive price.


Our vision is to become a leading International freight forwading company which can always be trused and grow together with our client for a better future.


“Kami sangat senang bekerjasama dengan PT. GMT, salah satu yang kami sangat hargai adalah pelayanan, komunikasi , feedback yang baik dan penanganan lead time pick up barang import kami yg cepat. Dengan bekerjasama dengan PT. GMT, kami bisa meminimkan stock barang kami digudang”.
Diamond Electric
Diamond Electric
“GMT memberikan pelayanan yg terbaik dalam jasa forwarder. GMT memberikan lebih dari Mitra Bisnis, mereka dapat menjadi rekan kerja yg sangat koperatif dengan memberikan solusi-solusi yg terbaik.Pertimbangan lainnya kami menggunakan jasa GMT, dikarenakan biaya jasa yg ditawarkan sangat kompetitif”
Trisula Corporation
Trisula Corporation
“Our first and the only one partner at international forwarding service”
Prival Pro Persada
Prival Pro Persada
“Good quality service with best price”.
Mulia Keramik Indah Raya Tbk
Mulia Keramik Indah Raya Tbk